Our curriculums and tutoring services takes into account age and Spanish level.  

2nd Generation Latino Children

Spanish Luna has a customize service for 2nd generation Hispanic Families in America. Because we realize that your child may have a higher understanding of the Spanish language, our program is meant to enhance your child's ability to improve reading, writing, and Spanish accent. 

Imagine your child being able to read and write Spanish in just a few month.  Plus looking ahead to the near future, with the growth of the Latino population in America, being fluent is going to be an great advantage this young generation.


Please call or email us and we'll be happy to discuss options to accommodate your needs.    


What Parents are saying about us:

"Our tutor is perfect. I am so glad he was assigned to us. He is polite, professional, and very good with the children" 

                                        Michele P. - New Jersey




Spanish Class lesson sample