About Us


Our Mission

To provide the best Spanish curriculum and tutoring services to home-schooled and Hispanic families. 


Who Are We?

Spanish Luna is a one-on-one online tutoring service that provides an effective curriculum that teaches reading, writing, conversation and  the Hispanic culture both in the United States and Latin America.  

Our dedication extends beyond our curriculum.  Spanish Luna gives students the attention they deserve while we are dedicated to helping your child learn proper Spanish.  Spanish Luna has a goal and it is for your child to reach a level of fluency in the Spanish language.  

Our classes are via the internet using a virtual online classroom and voice over IP technology.  Our staff will help facilitate use.   All you need is a computer, high speed internet and a microphone.   



Our Tutors:

Spanish Luna takes pride in the selection process.  The tutors that are selected to be part of the Spanish Luna team are native Spanish speakers and will give your child first hand exposure to a great accent.  They are also energetic bilingual professionals and college graduates.  They give your child 100% attention during their session because this is a one-on-one program.